Chen Jin

Chen Jin's poetic, meditative images also seem to fit within the literary tradition, as the series is printed on traditional rice paper and features muted, wash-like tones. However, under this apparent calm lies chaos. "The Inspiration" depicts the ruins of Buddhist temples after the devastating Sichuan Earthquake of 2008. The landscape has been disrupted by natural forces, but amidst the destruction, Chen finds moments of peace, and perhaps, hope.

The Inspiration


Year:  2008
Medium:  Inkjet print on archival quality rice paper
Editions:  (1) 8 (2) 20



Artist's Bio

Chen Jin (b. 1955, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China)

Chen is currently the Vice Chairman of the Sichuan Photographers Association and a member of the China Photographers Association. 

Solo Exhibitions
2001 "Sichuan Teahouses," Tokyo, Japan
2007 "Teahouses," Taiwan International Visual Arts Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 "The Inspiration," Inter Art Center / Gallery, Beijing, China

Publications and Awards
1992 Published Sichuan Teahouses 
2006 Published Town 
2007 Published Memories of Chengdu 
2008 Published Teahouses 
2010 Published The Sichuanese and Tea