On Chen Jin's works


The Image within the Inspiration

Na Risong


Chen Jin entitled this series of photographs "Inspiration," a word which has countless implications and interpretations in Buddhism. This word is the key to understanding his photographs. "All things have a visible form, which we call an appearance. If all distractions disappear and these things achieve a state of emptiness, then appearance fades, leaving only inspiration." When these noble Buddhist statues fell, subtle changes took place in their expressions. Some looked pleased and content, some looked anxious and sad, some were angry, and others were excited. Although broken, they transmitted human emotion and warmth, as if life had been given to these empty statues. In Chen's photographs, emptiness is transformed into a living, visible surface. In doing so, has truly transformed these statues from mere stone into spiritual entities,and these spiritual entities eventually become the image that springs from Chen's inspiration.