on chen jin's works


The Sense of Meditation

Wang Zhi


Observing people and the Buddha, Chen Jin strolled and meditated during his inopportune journey. He was slow and alone all the way up, producing the series of pictures Teahouses, The Populace, and Inspiration based on his understanding of life. 

In the past 30 years, the trend of globalization in China, especially economic development, has disturbed the order and direction of Chinese literators. Spiritual loneliness engages with embezzlement. Things contrast and associate with each other illogically, constructing a spectacle of a world which lacks depth.
The series Inspiration, with a spiritual-remainder-afterward-disaster presentation, defuses the implications of tragedy. The Buddhist statues, standing or lying, remain calm and composed. They form a kind of metaphor which is ethereal and transparent, and construct a complex logic with multiple contexts, showing the incisive and penetrating insight of the photographer. 

For Chen Jin, photography is the cover of his spiritual life as well as the chance to visualize and narrate his stories. Standing in his own life, he converses with history through meditation; circumnavigating the noisy disputes of different aesthetic thoughts, he fills his photographs with a sense that implies the historical context of generations past.