Yang Wenbin

Society of University was essentially photographed in my alma mater, Communication University of China, and several of the surrounding universities; some of the subjects are my classmates, and some are complete strangers. What we have in common is that we are all at the age of twenty. In my view, we search for identity and direction during this time. In this search, what leads us to choose an identity or direction, and what kinds of identities make up the overall character of this group? How does the character of this group govern how we speak, act, dress, and live in our daily lives, then become revealed in the spatial-temporal details? These are things that perplex me, and so they are things I tried to explore in my photography.

--Yang Wenbin


Society of University


Medium: Archival Inkjet Pigment Print
Dimensions:  (1) 45 × 67.5 cm (2) 90 × 135 cm
Edition:  (1) 10 (2) 5



Artist's Bio

Yang Wenbin (b. 1996, Ji'ning, Shandong Province)

Yang Wenbin is the recipient of the 1st Inter Art Center New Documentaries Prize; he graduated from Communication University of China with a Bachelor's Degree in Film Photography in 2018. He is based in Beijing.

Solo Exhibitions:
2018 Society of University, Inter Art Center & Gallery, Beijing, China

Group Exhibitions:

2017 Inter Art Center New Documentaries Prize, Inter Art Center & Gallery

2016 Euphoric Dream, Lianzhou Foto Festival, Lianzhou

2016 Digital Light Trio, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing & Xiamen

2016 'The Amoy Meat Factory' Emerging Curators Project 2016, Power Station of Art, Shanghai

2015 Golden Age, Lishui International Photo Festival, Curated by Shu Yang

2015 Golden Age Changjiang International Image Biennale, Curated by Wang Qingsong

2015 Golden Age Pingyao International Photography Festival, Curated by Lin Lu

Publications and Awards:

In 2015, Golden Age received the Lishui International Photography Festival Fund Award.

In 2016, Digital Light Trio was shortlisted for the Three Shadows Photography Award.

In 2016, Golden Age was included in the PSA Emerging Curators Project Exhibition.

In 2016, Euphoric Dream was exhibited in Lianzhou Foto.

In 2017, Society of University won the 1st Inter Art Center New Documentaries Prize.