Guo Peihe

"Guo Peihe used the method of photographic symbols to “deconstruct” history and search for its meaning and value. He trained his lens on these real people, which implies a shift in the flow of time and space. What he has left out represents unmoving historical symbols that are outside the focal plane. In contrasting the figures and the setting, Guo Peihe seems to say that life will always move onward."

— Bao Kun


The Inspiration


Medium:  C-print
Dimensions:  60x90cm / 90x60cm
Edition:  6



Artist's Bio

Guo Peihe (b. 1954) currently lives in Beijing. 

Member of The Society of Worldwide Ethnic Chinese photographers Ltd, 

member of China Photographers Association, 

trustee of China Artistic Photography Society 


1970 started to work as a worker 

1985 photojournalist of Bridge Magazine, China 

1987 member of the photography group, Beijing Fine Arts Publishing House Major Exhibitions 


Awards & Exhibitions:

1983 First Prize of Beijing Staff and Workers Photography Exhibition 

1984 Soul in Black and White - Exhibition of Four Photographers, National Art Museum of China 

1984 Spring won Gold Medal of National Modern Photography Competition 

1985 Gold Award of National Light Industry Photography Exhibition 

1988 Tourists shown in the 15th National Photography Exhibition 

2002 Into Nepal Solo Exhibition, Duyun Photography Festival 

2003 Woman Freshening up in Beijing collected by Guangdong Art Museum 

2003 Ningxia in the Sight of Worldwide Photographers Exhibition 

2006 The Great Wall Solo Exhibition, Pingyao International Photography Festival 

2011 Delicious China Photography Exhibition, Manchuria 

2016 Dissolving Spiritual Symbols Solo Exhibition, Inter Art Center & Gallery