Beat Kuert

Beat Kuert’s images are born from the performances of the group Dust & Scratches; they lose their physical aspects and the realism of the performances from which they originate – a kind of body-art – and acquire a valence that reveals the same artificiality as paintings and sculptures. They undergo the very same alchemical transformation. His symbolic figures represent a living existence that the artist perceives as a form or work of art. It is therefore obvious that Beat Kuert uses a sort of artifice in his work, replacing the ‘performance,’ or the direct display of the event, with the video record of the observed event. Through this artifice, his images gain a diverse legibility, and a different and transfigured significance. ”

                                               — Enzo Di Martino




Medium:  Lambda print on dibond
Edition:  3



Artist's Bio

Beat Kuert (b. 1946, Zurich, Switzerland)

Kuert currently lives and works in Arzo.

Solo Exhibitions:
2007 "Donna Carnivora," Scoletta Dei Tiraoro e Battioro, Venice, Italy
2008 "Vertigo," Allegretti Contemporanea, Turin, Italy
2009 "Infinity // Digital Expressionism," Gallery Iris Schumacher, Berlin, Germany
2009 "Donna Carnivora," Galleria Ravagnan, Venice, Italy
2010 "Room Without a View," New B Gallery, Shanghai, China
2010 "KAN: Longing for Rain," Inter Art Center / Gallery, Beijing, China
2010 "Cycle/Eros and Thanatos," Gallery WA, Seoul, South Korea
2010 "E-Motion," Voghera 11, Milan, Italy
2011 "Loftooo Gallery Grand Opening," Loftooo Gallery, Shanghai, China
2012 "Wunderkammer," M&C Saatchi Gallery, Shanghai, China
2013 "Berg und Geist," Das Alpine Museum der Schweiz, Bern, Switzerland
2013 "La niebla del tiempo," La Galeria, Barcelona, Spain
2014 "Polvere di città," Undergallery, Milan, Italy

Group Exhibitions:
2009 "iSMS, POP, and Celebrities," S+G Arte Contemporanea, Berlin, Germany
2013 "Nu Yishu: Serie VI," Xiangxiang Gallery, Beijing, China
2013 "Et Sic in Infinitum," New Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy
2013 "Illustrating Florence," New Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy
2013 "Mytis," Silbernagl Gallery, Milan, Italy  

Publications and Awards:
2007 Published Donna Carnivora
2010 Published Destroyed Lines
2010 Published KAN: Longing for Rain
2010 Published GAIA: Beat Kuert
2012 Published Wunderkammer
2013 Published Et Sic in Infinitum